Q: What do I need to consign a vehicle to the Ox and Son Auto Auction? ‚Äč
A: All we require to consign your vehicle, motorcycle, boat or RV is a clean and clear title. If there is a lien on the asset we require a 10 day payoff from you lienholder. If you have questions about the liens, please call the office. Your lender should know what we are asking for. 


Q: Do I have to pay for the vehicle the day of the auction?
A: Yes. We require payment before you can take the vehicle off of Ox and Son Property.


Q: I am planning on bidding online. How long will I have to pick up my vehicle?
A: We charge $25 per day storage charge after 7 days. If you buy a vehicle on Saturday, you will have until the following Saturday to pick up the vehicle. We are only open on Saturday during the auction. Plan to pick it up before the close of business on Friday. 


Q: What does the Red and Green mean on the inventory or no-sale lists?
A: The Red and Green indications are guarantees. The Red indication means that the Vehicle is sold As-Is. There is no guarantee either written or implied. They cannot be rejected for any reason after purchase. Once you have made a deal on a red light vehicle you cannot return it. The Green indication is a Sale Guarantee. This is a guarantee from the consignor that the engine and transmission are in working mechanical order. If you buy a "Green Light" vehicle you may return the vehicle prior to 5pm or 50 odometer miles.


Q: Why is the price on the bidding site lower than what you can sell it for?
A: The "Bid" price online is a starting point for the auction. We do not disclose actual reserve prices. The reserve price is confidential between the seller and Ox and Son Auto Auction.


Q: If I am the highest bidder at the auction do I win the vehicle?
A: You may. If the reserve is met, you will own the vehicle. If the highest bid does not meet the reserve, we cannot sell the vehicle. 


Q: The auctioneer said during the auction that the vehicle was placed on "Call" or "Offer". What does that mean?
A: There are 3 ways that the bidding will close at the Ox and Son Auto Auction. The first is the vehicle will be sold. The auctioneer will say "Sold" if you have won the vehicle. The second is that the vehicle will be placed "On Call" or on an offer. This happens when the bidding has maxed out and we have reached a bid price that is close enough to the reserve that we can call the consignor with a cash offer. We then call the seller and negotiate on your behalf. The third is a no-sale. This is when the bidding has not reached the reserve or has not gotten close enough to the reserve to be placed on call.